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Virtual Team Development Series

  • icon Number of Attendees:
  • icon Time Frame:
    1 - 3 hours
  • icon Location:
    Virtual Hybrid Social Distance Friendly
  • icon Classification:
    Communication Competitive Simulation Strategic Energisers

Key Outcomes




Managing Change

Creativity & Innovation

Healthy Competition



Team Alignment

What is it?

In today’s fast changing world, the speed at which teams can work together to solve problems is more critical than ever. Code Crackers mixes the latest app technology and physical problem-solving challenges to test the smartest of teams. Teams must work together, solve clues, uncover patterns and unlock the secrets of their team success. Code Crackers Virtual takes all the challenge of Code Crackers full version but in a virtual environment. With running times from 60-120 minutes it’s a great way to give your virtual teams some out of the box challenges to solve in a virtual environment.


Code Crackers Virtual has been redesigned to fit the brief of companies looking to sharpen creative thinking and problem solving under pressure and in a virtual environment. Code Crackers can be run as a fun focused competitive team bonding challenge, or it also works extremely well as a catalyst for a brainstorming session where a new way of thinking or a new approach is required in the virtual world.

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