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February 2021 By: Rob Day

The Paradox of Virtual Events

This video blog is a concise look at the different video conference platform solutions and the paradox of virtual events. These are our recommendations of which platform to select for your next virtual event from 50 to 1000+ participants. Which solutions work, which don't and why!

March 2019 By: Rob Day

The Neuroscience of Goal Setting

This article explains the differences between traditional KPI setting and a more structured Goal Mapping approach and how you can leverage proven neuroscience principles to improve the effectiveness of your corporate goal setting and create a purpose led workforce!

May 2017 By: Rob Day

Middle East Team Building Overview

We have always been focused on delivering outcome focused team development sessions. This article was first published in 2017 and shows the history of team building in the Middle East and how we categorise the different products.

March 2017 By: Dave Bradley

Is the Future of Your Team On Shifting Sands?

This article on virtual teams was first published in 2017. Many of the issues and information in this article is still relevant today!