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According to Gartner and Forbes, Gamification usage is on the rise and this trend is set to continue. Research shows an increase in corporate demand and evidence to support increased knowledge retention. But gives a clear warning to the dangers of badly designed games having a negative effect on the output.

This white paper defines elements of gamification drawn from the world of video games and shows how these principles can be applied in the world of corporate conferences and workshops.

In our 10 years of experience in this area, getting the balance right is the single most important part. Whilst we can draw from the world of video games for inspiration on the different elements of gamification, selecting how to apply each of these elements requires skill and careful consideration. Get the balance right and you can engage, inspire and transform your team. Get it wrong and you can alienate, disengage and frustrate your team.

Follow our 3 simple rules to make sure your next conference gamification is a success.

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