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At Turnaround, we believe the most important part of any activity is the messaging and how you use the activity to create meaning for the team. Whilst our facilitators have years of experience in customising messages, there are a few simple techniques you can use to get you started and help connect the activity that you have selected with the message you want to get across.

Without wanting to sound like we are stating the obvious, the definition of an Ice Breaker is primarily to relax the group, to get them feeling more comfortable with each other and to prepare them for the workshop content.

Whilst you can use any number of non-related activities to break the ice, we believe, the best application of an ice breaker is when it is used to create some kind of connection back to the business and the theme for the workshop. This is generally not a full debrief, see our 5 Team Building Classics download for more information on how to run a debrief, but a key message to deliver at the end of the ice breaker that connects to the theme of your meeting.

This free download has a selection of 5 Ice Breakers and Energisers that, with a little bit of preparation and planning and without years of experience, you should be able to run with your teams to drive some simple messages and learning outcomes.

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Download a free copy of our white paper from the below link.