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Our Team Performance Health Check has been designed to help you to improve the performance of your team in the following areas:

1. Team Alignment
2. Team Planning and Task Allocation
3. Communication and Listening Skills
4. Collaboration and Information Sharing

It is very easy to use, with each member of the team ‘anonymously’ completing a very quick 12 question team performance survey (printable forms included). Following this, the team leader compiles the results in a summary form and this summary form is used as a discussion point for the team. When facilitated well, it will give the team leader valuable insights about their team and gives the opportunity for the individual team members to share their views on how the team performs.

The outcome from the tool includes:
1. Ideas and action plans for team performance improvement
2. Opportunity to improve team alignment
3. Great insights into how to improve team performance
4. Benchmark for future assessments

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Download a free copy of our white paper from the below link.