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The Neuroscience of Goal Setting


We have all heard the saying “The only constant in business at the moment is change” but in this rapidly changing market, what are the 3 main questions ALL businesses leaders should be asking?


  • How do we deal with rapid changing market conditions or impending rapid change?
  • How can we solve old problems in new ways?
  • How do we attract, develop and keep the best talent?


What your business is doing now to answer these questions will determine its future success. For most business leaders these questions should resonate in some way with their current situation and we are convinced that all of these questions, and many more, can be addressed with the implementation of a structured organisational Goal Mapping approach.


This free download explains the differences between traditional KPI setting and a more structured Goal Mapping approach and how you can leverage proven neuroscience principles to improve the effectiveness of your corporate goal setting.

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Download a free copy of our white paper from the below link.